Smart City projects in Kanagawa Prefecture in pipeline  (23/11/2013)

Smart City projects in Kanagawa Prefecture in pipeline
  • The Daily Engineering & Construction News of Japan on 2013/10/28 | 8:18 - 7/11/2013

Several smart city projects are planned in Kanagawa Prefecture, where photovoltaic generation, energy management system for houses (HEMS) are introduced to reduce electricity usage and CO2 emission.

A group led by Panasonic Corp. is developing a town of about 1000 households in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Pref., which is scheduled for completion next year. Daiwa House Industry Co. Ltd has undertaken planning of its first smart community development in Sagamihara City, aiming to open in the end of 2014. Projects in other cities such as Yokohama, Kawasaki are in pipeline.

The prefecture’s governor, who intends to promote renewable energy, is committed to facilitate these projects in cooperation with municipalities. The Plan for Kanagawa Smart Energy which is now under development decides that electricity consumption in the prefecture will be reduced 15% by 2030. One of its approaches is to promote eco-friendly community development.

Based on the governmental policies, private sectors including Panasonic have already started their action in “Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town Project.” 12 companies and Panasonic in collaboration with the city government are building about 1000 houses, a shopping complex, a welfare and educational facility in the area of 19 hectares at the cost of 60 billion yen. The town will hold a population of 3000 and all the houses will be equipped with solar power generation, electricity battery units, and smart HEMS.

“Hikarigaoka Eco Town” is located in Sagamihara City starting construction works in November. The town covers the area of 34,869 m2 and will hold 128 houses. Daiwa House Industry was appointed by the prefectural government as a developer. It will install solar power generation, electricity batteries, HEMS and a socket for electric vehicles. Building Energy Management System, BEMS and green walls will be introduced at a commercial complex in the town. 

In Hiratsuka City, Nissan Shatai Co., an associated company of Nissan Motor Co., is now preparing for “Hiratsuka Clean Smart City Project,” at the site of one of its factories. It plans to establish a complex of industry, commercial, and residence with advanced technologies applied. Of the total area of 19.3 hectares, a 14.3-ha land will be transferred to Mitsui Fudosan Co., which will build a large-scaled shopping mall and a smart town consisting of houses and condominiums. 

Besides above, projects in Yokohama, Kawasaki, Odawara, Samukawa are ready for realization. The prefecture will see a series of Smart City development in the near future. 
Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town by Panasonic
Hikarigaoka Eco Town by Daiwa House Industry

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