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  • • Location: Nhon Trach – Long Thanh, Dong Nai • Period of design: Detailed Design. • Line length 14km, items: traffic road, water irrigation, lighting electricity, green tree, walking tunnel, bridge length 12,5m. • Horizontal cut: 80 m : 10 lanes + side walk.
  • • Construction location: Duc Hoa Dist., Long An Province. • Period of design: Feasibility Study Project and Technocal-detailed Design • Total area is 300 ha, road is 40 km long, width of road is 12-52m with 2-4 lanes. • Main items: road, drainage, water delivery, lighting, position of trees, Tan Do bridge: 2x24.54+18,6m; width of bridge is 18m.
  • • Location: Ben Cau – Go Dau, Tay Ninh • Period of design: Feasibility Study and Detailed Design • Parts schema: 3 x 33,0 m + (42,0 m + 63,0 m + 42,0 m) + 4 x 33,0 m, total bridge length round 379,5 m. - Main part used high solidconcreteempty balanced forming. - Connection parts are simple concrete made in factory. • Bridge size: 12 m : 2 lanes vehicle + 2 lanes for bike.
  • • Location: Bien Hoa city and Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province. • Period of design: Feasibility Study and Detailed Design • Parts schema: 4 x 33,0 m + 3 x 40 m + 5 x 33 m. • Bridge size: 17 m with 4 lanes vehicle.
  • • Location: Trang Bang, Tay Ninh province. • Period of design: Feasibility Study and Technocal Design. • Tecnical standard: Design by vehicle road level III, speed 80km/h. • Line length 5km, items: traffic road, rain exhaust. • Horizontal cut: 12m: 2 lanes for vehicle.
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International hotel operator Accor said on Tuesday the newly-built hotel Novotel Saigon Centre under its management in Ho Chi Minh City has opened its doors to guests....

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New suspension bridges planned for poor areas. (11/04/2014)

According to the Transport Ministry's plan, suspension bridges will be built in poor areas before the rainy season and nearly 1,200 bridges across the country will be constructed and repaired.

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 New suspension bridges planned for poor areas.  (11/04/2014)

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